What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot: Chatbot is a software application that uses primary artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation via textual method or voice method.

Let’s keep it simple, it’s a robot that chats and have the capacity to maintain a conversation, can ask questions and can answer questions.

Nowadays, companies use chatbot to answer basic questions and help them have a better understanding the services, products or operations.


Why a chatbot? What are the benefits of a chatbot?

Companies use chatbots for different reasons. Let us expose few of the reasons that companies benefit from Chatbots :

  • Automate some business process
  • Support customers during all interaction process with the company (from product/service discovery to after-sales)
  • Gather customer, products/services data and feedback
  • Create an interaction with the media used (Facebook Messenger, Website, mobile App)
  • Save money by reducing the interactions with a human for simple and predictable requests
  • Transform a passive interaction with the customer to an active approach.
  • Social Media answer inquiry: faster and 24h support request response


Who can benefit?

Chatbot can benefit all companies that interact with customers online through different platforms (Facebook, Website, Email, etc) There is no limit of industry or field where chatbot can’t be a positive upgrade to the business process.

Some industries that benefit from chatbots

Customer Services

News & Entertainment

Real Estate

Health & Fitness


What are the limits?

  • Chatbot can’t answer complex questions or request
  • Chatbot is limited simple question or request
  • Artificial Intelligence is still a new technology


Examples of what a Chabot can do 

  • Customer Support: provide answers quickly with 24/7 customer service
  • Oder a Pizza through text or voice
  • Confirm an appointment date and time a day before with customer