• Design, implement, and maintain multi-tenant databases to support our software applications.
  • Collaborate with our software development team to ensure that the database architecture is optimized for performance and scalability.
  • Ensure the security and integrity of the database by implementing appropriate access controls and data validation procedures.
  • Create and maintain documentation related to the database design and implementation.
  • Analyze and optimize database performance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Work with AWS services, MySQL Aurora, and MySQL Enterprise to develop and maintain databases.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • At least 5 years of experience in database design and development.
  • Proficiency in SQL and experience with database management systems such as MySQL, or PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with data modeling and database design principles.
  • Understanding of database security and access control.
  • Experience with AWS services, MySQL Aurora, and MySQL Enterprise.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with software developers, project managers, and other stakeholders.