Statistica predicts consumers will download 139 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store—a significant increase from 102 billion apps in 2019.

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

These numbers are a testament to the widespread use of mobile apps in our lives—personal and professional front. From waking up to the morning alarm to dozing off seeing the fleeting light on the screen of your smartphone, we are using mobile apps, for practically everything.

Flip the coin, and we have numerous mobile app development companies racing up to craft the best mobile apps to win more customers. However, technologies change; what’s relevant today may not matter the next minute.

Amid this mindless race, we recommend 5 mobile app trends that will potentially influence businesses, in ways more than one.

Without wasting your time, let’s begin …

1. Artificial Intelligence 

We are not new to the impact of artificial intelligence in our lives.  Remember, Siri, Google Assistant, or the chatbots? 

As per a 2019 CIO Survey by Gartner, a spike of 270% has been witnessed in the number of companies implementing AI technologies during the last four years. 

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

AI solves many of our problems; something only humans could do once. The close replication of this technology can transform the way businesses serve their clients.  Be it iOS or Android Application, you simply can’t overlook the transformation it can bring forth.

Common AI applications include

  •   Optimized search capabilities
  •   Image and Speech Recognition
  •   Study user behavior
  •   Cognitive Computing
  •   Data Analysis
  •   Smart camera with subject recognition
  •   Voice and language translations
  •   Face Unlock
  •   Cybersecurity

2. Augment & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality has been in use for many years in industries such as real estate, architecture, military, eCommerce, education, healthcare, gaming, and many others.

The closest encounter happened when it forayed into Hollywood movies such as  Avatar, Wall-E, and Iron Man.  The real and virtual boundaries blend in a way that any difference is hard ( or almost impossible) to discern.

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

Instead of creating a stand-alone application, Augmented Reality, in combination with IoT and machine learning,  can transform the user experience, beyond imagination. From Microsoft’s HoloLens to Google Glass and Oculus Rift, many companies have leveraged the power of Augmented Reality to make things a lot comfortable for users. 

Common AR applications include

  •   Virtual user manual
  •   Simulated Training
  •   Live festivals and concerts
  •   Destination navigation
  •   Visual learning

3. Beacon Technology

Heard for the first time when Apple introduced iBeacon at World Wide Developer Conference in 2013, it has come a long way to remodel the field of mobile app development. 

As per the Global Market Insights, the beacon technology market is estimated to exceed $25 billion by 2024.  Such is the potential of the technology that has found profound application in both iOS and Android app development.

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

They are like tiny computers, almost the size of a standard router. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect the human presence and send regular messages for personalized user experience on mobile apps.

For instance, if you enter a beacons zone while using a mobile app to shop for the latest smartphone,  you’ll receive notifications of all the nearest stores.  Saves your time and close-in the gap between you and the best companies; Perfect!

Some Beacon applications include

  •   Hospitality
  •   Healthcare
  •   Outdoor gaming events
  •   Logistics and warehousing
  •   Construction
  •   Events

4. Wearables

Wearables unarguably have a bright future ahead in times like these when consumers are growing obsessed with real-time information. We have already seen the magnificence of gadgets such as Apple’s watch, Google’s Glass, body-mounted sensors, fitness trackers, AR headsets, and many such smart devices.

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

In fact, Gartner estimates the sales of smartwatches will reach 81M units by 2021. No wonder,  the industry is experiencing a surge in web and mobile apps for smart devices, ranging from wristbands, sneakers, gloves to many other commonly used products. 

With the simple integration of IoT,  you can control such devices even from remote locations and improve user experience.

Some applications include

  •   Virtual keyboards
  •   Mind reading glasses
  •   Fashion designing
  •   Disease management

5. On-Demand Apps

Smartphones are no longer a luxury but a necessity, for us and businesses. You can get possibly everything done, using mobile apps. And your unique needs can be comfortably met with On-demand apps.  All you’ve to do is activate the request for a specific service, and here, you have it right in front of you.

5 Trends That Will Shape Your Mobile App Strategies Beyond 2020

Such on-demand apps come in the category of grocery delivery, booking cabs ( uber), food delivery apps so on so forth.

Many mobile app development agencies in Toronto have readjusted their strategies to on-demand apps that meet the finest needs of the consumers.

On-demand app applications include

  •   Domestic help
  •   Home salon
  •   Baby care service
  •   Pet care
  •   Laundry service
  •   Tailors
  •   Food delivery 

To Sum up,

While we can’t predict what lies in the second half of 2020, the evolving technologies and such industry trends are likely to mold how businesses are perceived by consumers. 

Rated good, bad, or worst? Well, mobile apps will have a lot to say about driving public opinion about your products or services. 

With the advent of 5G, expect mobile apps to be faster, efficient, and reliable than ever before. Stay ahead of the curve, and incorporate the potential trends to improve your mobile app development services and serve more value to your clients!  Be it Appstore or Playstore, stay tuned to what’s happening in the industry, and stay on top of your games. 

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