It is truly said that your website is the face of your business. It is the first thing that people notice and make an impression about your services. Hence it has to be made to the perfect level keeping all the loopholes in mind.

To make their company successful and to look respectable compared to the competition, business owners always look for the simplest solution. In the minds of potential clients, the more professional the website is, the more trustworthy it seems. They also don’t know the difference between using website templates or creating a custom web design and this is when company owners start searching for a website solution.

As we have said, there are only two ways to create a new website: one is to create a whole new custom website from scratch, and another is to use and change the existing website design. Both choices have their positive and wrong sides, like anything in life, and choosing the right one depends on the intent of it and the type of company you are in. We’ll list the pros and cons of each website choice in this blog post to help you determine what the best solution for you is.

Template website

Template v/s Customized Website | Which One To Choose?

The template website’s most detailed description is a template-based design that provides you with an existing structure that needs to be versatile enough to fit your content into it. You are searching for a template design that has a near visual feeling of your organization and fits your needs. That means you can only make little customizations with colours, pictures, and layout parts when you find the right one.

At 247 Labs we only use premium templates. We figure out the best template for your requirements and then customize it to the point where it is not even recognizable as a template. Our templates come with a lot of standard features, including: being mobile optimized, a user login and a separate admin login, an easy to use content management back-end that our team will train you on using, various plugins, and in some cases we even create custom plugins.

Again, template sites are also straightforward to implement from nothing to complete a functional website, thanks to the pre-done coding. Suppose the content from the client-side is full. In that case, they can often be released in a matter of weeks, which is not always the case, and it can be a significant ‘slow-down’ when attempting to get a site released on time.


  • Low initial cost: The cost of purchasing a template varies from $900 to free.
  • Short construction time: Texts and pictures need to be made.
  • Custom content and graphics easiness: all you do is replace old content and graphics with new texts and photographs.
  • Fast and cheap deployment: all hosting providers provide cheap plans to host a sample website.
  • Strong return on investment: because the initial investment is small, in a short time you can recoup the investment.
  • Cheap and easy maintenance: maintenance only includes texts and images, so you don’t need experts in information technology.
  • If you have the right team behind you, you will also get the opportunity to even tweak the plugins.

What are the things that a template website lacks?

  • Most models are very tiny to design possibilities, essentially what you see is what you get. Of course, some things like colours and fonts can be changed, but the layout is pretty set.
  • Limited Design and features – You are limited in the type and detail of the features that your templated website can have. Our team can add existing plugins to your template and even customize them. But we are still limited to the plugin’s capabilities.
  • If you like the current layout and design and you don’t want anything new, a template could work just fine for you.
  • But be mindful that a lot of companies will sadly have a website that looks much like yours.

Another minus of using a theme is that the website’s design relies on plug-in expiry dates.

Also, often updates of the builders that make up your website will radically alter the look so you’ll need to spend some extra time repairing it.

Still, there are many businesses, where you do not need a custom website and can easily be made using templates such as – Planokc and Cookstowndental. These are the two websites we created using templates. Impressive right? Contact now, if you wanna build one website for yourself.

Custom Website

Template v/s Customized Website | Which One To Choose?

Every feature is custom-designed to meet your needs on a custom-designed website. First comes the plan and content, and all design is designed around it. A custom web design designed just for your company will make your website stand out from the audience and will be exclusive and distinct from everyone else’s.

The custom website adapts to your business needs in the best way possible, as we said before. Still, it also allows you space and flexibility to incorporate the branding of your company into it! Every little detail is planned for your business’ best interest (which is well set up by briefs and communications), and you can have full oversight over the project and the final look.

The agency you hired for the website will consider best practices in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and learn from your new website what kind of goals you are looking for. To make it easier for your administrator, you will be able to be active and monitor the process and have custom features built into the design.


  • Objective achievement: custom-built means that any feature you need is there for you. You can dream of and get every application made up.
  • Future modification and expansion: your team of experts will easily make adjustments because you manage all the codes.
  • Simple administration: because the website is designed to your needs, you know how to run it very well.
  • High security: Custom websites are more reliable than template sites if updated continuously.
  • SEO optimized: personalized websites can comply with all SEO rules.
  • Absolute responsiveness: if you need to adjust the user interface or the business guidelines, you can get them easily updated.

What are the limitations of a custom website?

Custom websites are built from scratch: information architecture or navigational framework, graphics components, all features, family fonts, and administrative back-end are all designed based on your particular requirements, so it takes a lot more time to deliver than people know because it is time-consuming in every detail to make them more costly than models.

A custom website is always one of the best ways to go when it comes to website development. We have worked with many clients and have built several good websites including – Private Islands Online and Hardhatmind. If you have any questions in mind or wanna know more visit here.

Which one is a better option?

Template v/s Customized Website | Which One To Choose?

If you are on a limited budget and need a fast and straightforward website, particularly for just starting up businesses, a template design may be your best choice. Some companies only need a simple website that will offer all the necessary information about them to the consumer and you can get that with a prototype.

But if you have more complex business requirements and major ambitions, some unique features and if you have a complicated content system that needs a more accurate organization or want to stand out from other websites, that can only be done with the custom-built quality so keep that in mind.

For a company, it is important to stand out from the competition and have an outstanding online corporate image. A website will assist you in achieving these two objectives. Selecting the method that suits you completely depends on your needs and preferences. So, if you wanna find out what is the best option for you when it comes to website design, connect with our web development experts now, and let’s find out the best solution possible.