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Proven Hiring & Talent Development Program

Our hiring process includes a special recipe that will filter out the best talent on the market and only allow senior developers who have strong communication and proactive ability.
Once a part of the team, our developers are taken through mentorship, training & certification programs with annual goals to ensure they are continually improving their skills.

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Case Studies

Motorola - Customized eLearning Solution

Motorola needed a custom solution to educate a global workforce about the features of their new products. They needed a way to create and distribute e-learning materials to teach staff and partners. What better way to do this than with an app?

Motorola’s challenge was to deliver multilingual training materials on a multitude of products that worked on every platform and every operating system. 247 Labs’ team of app developers and web designers created the architecture using Phonegap, Angular, and SCORM to provide a multilingual, configurable framework including support across browsers.

247 Labs’ team of mobile app developers created an e-learning platform that was modular and designed to grow with each new release of a Motorola product. With its hardware agnostic design, this application could be used on any device, in the end user’s language of choice. By delivering the materials in the form of educational games, quizzes and challenges Motorola was able to engage their workforce and communicate their product features across the globe.

Elite HRV - The Heart of the Matter

The founders came to 247 Labs because they needed app developers who could turn their idea into a digital product. They understood the significance of heart rate signals, but they needed help turning it into a complete digital ecosystem.

247 Labs’ app developers built Android and iOS applications that track and display both real-time and historical heart rate information by communicating directly with Bluetooth devices. Users can also interact with their data and learn valuable insights from it, as well as receive health recommendations. The web development team integrated the application with a web portal that users can manage their profile and share their progress.

Our team of app developers helped Elite HRV to be the favourite app in its category. To date, the Elite HRV app is the most used and top rated-heart variability application on Android and iOS app stores. It has over 170,000 users around the world that rate the app with 4.5+ stars. The success was well noted by the media as well. The app was featured on leading health publications such as Men’s Health, Sport Training and Pro Health.

METPathFinder - Job Matching Solution For Veterans

Many army veterans come back from service facing the challenge of adapting to civilian life and finding jobs that can suit their skills. METPathfinder is a job search application designed to help Canadian Army Veterans’ and their spouses’ transition into civilian life once they leave the army.

Veteran Affairs Canada, the organization behind METPathfinder, partnered with 247 Labs to update their application that was outdated and with poor engagement. Our team of web designers and app developers created a new architecture to make the project adhere to proper programming
methodologies and be OOP and MVC compliant. To perfect the project’s requirements, our developers and project managers focused on fast iterations – delivering quick demo phases to illustrate results and ensure superior outcomes.

The site was successfully launched at a live event at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. 247 Labs’ design and development resulted in increased engagement and usage of the job board.

A screenshot of the project made to the City of Oklahoma by 247 Mobile App Developers in Toronto

Very happy with the work. As good, if not better than hiring a local business.


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