Referral Partnership

This is a standard affiliate referral partnership where you refer clients to 247 Labs and get a commission. The fee ranges from 5% to 15% depending on the size of the project, the larger the project, the larger the referral fee.

Referral Partnership

Key features within a referral partnership include:

Client account is managed by 247 Labs directly

Partner notified on each invoicing with the client

Partner may be involved in some communication with the client (as needed)

Partner is paid immediately as soon as each payment is received from client

We offer:


Less than $5,000


Between $5,001 to $15,000


Over $15,000


Enterprise accounts

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White-label Partnership

For consultants, professional service agencies and memberships organizations. The while-label partnership program allows your organization to offer 247 Labs’ services under your name. You manage the customer relationship and we do the work, our employees act and behave as if they are your employees.

Key features within a White-Label Partnership include:

The partner is in charge of managing the client

The partner can upsell 247 Labs prices and mark them up as they wish.

247 Labs team invoices the partner. The partner invoices the client.

All team members within 247 Labs represent the partner company in all communication with client

Synchronized billing is key to this relationship to ensure projects are win-win. Essentially, if the partner is billing their client as an hourly project, we will as hourly. If the partner is billing as fixed price, we bill as fixed price (or hourly with fixed-price cap).

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Inkind Partnership

The InKind Partnership typically works with not-for-profit organizations or industry-specific organizations, board of trades, conferences, and associations. In such a partnership 247 Labs team will provide services at no cost or minimal charge in exchange for information or services provided by the organizations.

Partner Services offering

Ads during organization activities & events

Sponsoring opportunities

Speaking engagement


Promotional Campaigns

Exhibitor Stand

Membership Access

247 Labs Services offering


Consulting services

Hosting management

Mobile Development

Mobile Support

Web Development

Web Support

Partner's Support

Our partners form the backbone of our company. Over the years, our company grew because of relationship with our partners.

Engineering Consulting Support

Direct communication with our engineering team to answer technical questions or any support needed as you engage with a potential client.

Quick Estimation

As you discuss with a potential client and need quick estimation on cost and timeline.

Full Proposal Creation

Creating superb proposal with full details to submit to your potential clients.

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Technical Requirements Gathering

Support with requirements understanding for a complex project that your client my need.

Company Representation

Representing your company / team in front of your client at initial sales meetings.

Become a 247 Labs partner today!

We would love to support you and be your partner. Contact us to signup as one of our registered partners today. We will take the time to make sure to develop a win-win relationship and support you through the process.