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Why Magento For Your Business?

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Magento is the world’s most notable, highly customizable and powerful e-commerce platform that can connect customers to your online store, no matter how fast your business is growing. By using this flexible, yet, robust e-commerce platform, we can help your business grow exponentially while keeping your online store easy to manage and conversion optimized.

We are a Magento development company that excels at delivering high-quality ecommerce solutions to move your business forward. Whether you are looking to scale your current online store, upgrade from Magento 1 system to Magento 2, or even build an entire ecommerce from scratch, we get you covered with solutions that reach your goals and drive positive ROI.

Certified Magento Development Company

The Magento Developer certification that the 247 Labs team accomplished

247 Labs is a certified Magento development company with experts that work alongside your business to build a conversion optimized online store that will increase sales and revenue. We have 5+ years of experience building stunning Magento e-commerces that have incomparable performance and are highly customizable to your needs.

Our Process

Requirements Understanding

Our team begins by listening attentively to our clients' business, their needs, past challenges, and future goals. If you have a Magento or any other ecommerce framework, we explore it to identify its strengths and weaknesses and determine how to improve your online store.

Solutions Recommendations

After fully understanding your business, we scope the project, create the technical architecture documentation and provide all the different solutions options that can amplify your business. Collectively, we determine which option best suits your business and prepare the project management to start.

Sprint & Implementation

We break down all the project into an agile sprint and execute it with daily deliverables, weekly demos and your ongoing feedback. Our team will continuously update you on the progress being done and ensure every piece is on track. By making use of this agile approach, we guarantee superior quality and timely adjustments.

Release & Retrospective

Once all is approved to go live, a release plan is created. Our dev ops team prepares the servers to start deployment. Our testers conduct Quality Assurance to guarantee everything is working seamlessly. After a week, we do an all-hands retrospective meeting to check for any potential improvement.

Magento Development Case Studies

Asthik is a new fashion retail experience launched by a global fashion company based in Europe. Asthik’s objective was to hire a Magento development company to create an international e-commerce site showcasing women’s top fashion brands.

Working closely with the marketing department, the 247 Labs team:

  • Created a modern branding concept that matched the company’s positioning
  • Designed an easy-to-navigate front-end experience focused on converting site visits into sales.
  • Built a complete e-commerce solution on Magento optimized for high-performance and easy customization
  • Developed a fully responsive design that looks great on any device.

After the eCommerce development, Asthik sales went for a ride, increasing month-over-month. Today, Asthik is one of Eastern Europe’s favourite places to shop for fashionable clothes.

Fitwear is a top brand in the Sports Apparel industry. Fitwear came to 247 Labs with a common problem. They had an existing e-commerce site in need of upgrades on the site’s branding, navigation and mobile responsiveness.

247 Labs went to work to improve Fitwear’s site with a custom web development solution, setting out to make a unique digital experience:

  • Delivered an easy to use digital experience that looks great on web and mobile;
  • Built a high-performance site with instantaneous load times for 1000’s of products;
  • Established a robust website testing plan & execute it;
  • Created unique branding with a fresh contemporary look.

Within 2 months 247 Labs delivered a new e-commerce website on a new platform. The Fitwear site’s e-commerce conversion rate was up, and the site looked great on all platforms – even phones. 247 Labs continued to support Fitwear as a design and tech partner with an ongoing support package for the next two years.

Top-Rated Magento Development Company

We are proud to launch state-of-the-art Magento solutions that help our valuable clients succeed.Every satisfied client and Top-Rated project inspire us to push the boundaries even further!

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