Transparency and Agile Development at 247 Labs


Have you ever asked yourself “what’s going on within my development team?”

“Do I have full visibility and clear expectations?”

These are not only questions dawning from current losses or possible income generation. These are questions critical to a successful software development project.

The Modern Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) should be an ongoing opportunity to try new ideas, making changes and celebrating failures. Experienced teams with an open mindset are better-suited to achieve new highs, focusing on iterative improvements.


Agile Team at 247 Labs


As stakeholder or business owner, you should know with whom you’re working with. Don’t fool yourself with false promises or “black-box” teams. One of the main success points to agility and progress is integrity – you’re not only choosing a group of people to complete some work/milestones, but you are hiring a team of inspirational professionals to share gain and losses, making sure you decrease losses with each sprint. Each idea can be successful since the beginning – choose the best soil for it.

Every software developer must be a priority to you. Every team member must be a priority. Understanding their skills and where to allocate them is essential to have a successful project.

We have town hall sessions here at 247 Labs every Tuesday that we call All Hands meetings. That’s when we talk about our vision and goals. Moreover, that’s when we get to watch demos of our current projects so that everyone can give feedback to the developers. If we have many developers reaching out every week to schedule their demos, that’s a good sign. But we’ve had weeks where there were no demos scheduled. Even though that wasn’t a good sign, it helped us understand why it happened. Moreover, it gave us an insight on what to do to encourage the public exposition of the devs’ work to the other team members in the following week.

Blackboard and a light bulb with text balloons around it with


Make sure your team have a proper and transparent delivery process. Be a part of your team, interact with your developers, attending demo calls and retrospectives. You should know what’s going on with every aspect of the project.

This is where our process helps our clients with their goals. Having a proven and reliable method will quickly transport you from the “idea-and -napkin-wireframes” point A to “usable-and-profitable-product” point B.

Our transparent communication with our clients starts from the very first moment. At our first meeting, we give each one honest feedback of what we think are the chances of that first idea to become successful. If we are to be partners in development, that’s got to happen since the very first moment. We don’t want to waste your time or money, which are both precious.

Translating the Voice of the Customer


What are the customer’s expectations? What are the customer’s preferences? Moreover, we must also understand its aversions.

Having a proper Product Manager is a critical factor for your profit increase. A Product Manager must be able to translate the idea of the client into actionable items. To own the product and call the responsibility to itself. To address the pinpoints and communicate to the client and the team about every due date and deliverables or what issues can be impeding the project to move forward.

Here at 247 Labs, “Honesty and Integrity” are Key traits we believe in and behave within a team and our clients.

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An Accenture report asserted that “HR will fundamentally reshape itself so that the function becomes a critical driver of agility. In this role, HR will enable a new type of organization—one designed around highly nimble and responsive talent.”